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TCCA Philosophy of Christian Education

In John 14:6, Jesus states, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” This declaration by Christ is fundamental to the educational process. All truth is God’s truth, He is the essence of truth and knowledge.

The philosophy of The Cross Christian Academy is to equip students to view life from God’s perspective because He is Truth. We believe Biblical perspective is communicated through (1) His Creation, (2) His Son, Jesus Christ, (3) His Holy Word, the Bible, and (4) His redemptive work through history.


The Bible is the inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God.  Jesus Christ is the central theme of history and is the central authority of what men say, do, or believe.  Man was created in God’s image, but that image was ruined at the fall when man chose to sin against God.  God provided a way of redemption for man through the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.  A regenerated person receives the Holy Spirit to guide him into all truth.


We seek to ground everything we do on the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. All members of the educational process at The Cross Christian Academy are personally committed to Jesus Christ. Our curriculum, Alpha and Omega Publications, integrated biblical truth into each and every category, lesson, and in all subject matter. We believe the educational process is only accomplished through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


The pursuit of knowledge is more than the collection of information.  It also includes understanding and Godly wisdom.  We are committed to leading our students and their families: to a restored relationship with God and each other, to graduating students with both competence and character, and to developing fully devoted mature disciples of Jesus Christ.


Purpose Statement:

The Cross Christian Academy provides relevant opportunities for at-risk students in the year-round boarding school setting of Teen Challenge of Oklahoma to overcome life-controlling issues and realize their full academic potential, bridging the transition to traditional classroom success and/or college and career readiness.


  • Girls Volleyball

  • Basketball

  • Track

  • Creative Arts


  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Track

  • Creative Arts

The Mission of The Cross Christian Academy is to:

…minister to the whole student and bring healing to families through Christ-centered education and recovery programming.

School Information:

Accreditation: International Christian Accrediting Association and AdvanED on Accreditation and School Improvement


School Mascot: Crusaders


School Colors: Crimson and Silver

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