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Freedom House F.A.Q.

Q. What is the difference between Phase One and Phase Two?

A: For approximately the first 3 months of the program, the student will be in Phase 1. During this phase, she will begin working on her obligated FOUR Teen Challenge Curricular Contracts (which will include individual Bible studies, introspective assignments, scripture memorization, etc.). The student will also participate in our vocational training. During Phase 2, the student will continue to work on above mentioned skills, as well as gain responsibilities. Student will begin specialty contracts focusing on her individual life controlling issues.  


Q: Can a student get their G.E.D while in the program?

A: Yes. A student has the opportunity to pursue her G.E.D., if she chooses to do so. Our staff will assist her in achieving this important goal.


Q: What type of counseling do the students receive?

A: Upon entry into the program, each student is assigned an advisor to provide an opportunity for students to express their particular needs to receive Biblical council. The proven cure for life-controlling problems is based on the embracing of Biblical principles to spiritually improve the quality of her character.


Q: To whom and when will the student be allowed to make phone calls?

A: On or about the students 15th day, she will be allowed one ten-minute phone call with a designated staff member. Phone calls after that will be made once a week with a 10-minute time limit, during the evening hours. Phone usage is a privilege and will be monitored by Staff. Contact with a students Pastor will be correspondence via mail.

Q: When will the student be allowed to write her family?

A: The student may write as well as begin to receive mail from her approved immediate family on or about her 15th day of the program. Staff will monitor all incoming and outgoing mail.

Q: When can I visit?

A: After 30-days in the program, the student is eligible for one on-campus four (4) hour visit each month. Visits are on Saturdays. Once a student has completed at least 3 successful on-campus visits, she may be considered for off-campus visits. All visits and passes are subject to staff approval with all court stipulations taken into consideration. 


Q: How do I find out how the student is doing in the program?

A: All inquiries relating to the student will be handled by our Program Manager or a designated Staff representative. When inquiries are made and our Program Manager is unavailable, a message will be taken for your call to be returned.


Q: Will the student receive educational classes while in the program?

A: Absolutely! Students participate in both Personal and Group Studies for New Christians. The classes’ curriculum helps to establish a foundation of Biblical knowledge leading to spiritual growth. The faith structured classes also develop the main goal of the program: a life-changing, continually growing personal relationships with Jesus Christ.


Q: Can I get my induction fee back if the student leaves the program early?

A: No. The induction fee is a non-refundable fee regardless of the length of time a student remains in the program.


Q: Can the students get a job off campus while in the program?

A: No. The student will participate in Teen Challenges’ Job Training Program. Both on and off campus vocational training is supervised by Teen Challenge Staff, typically working on a crew of fellow students to assist in financially supporting the ministry itself. The student IS NOT working a secular job which she would be drawing a weekly paycheck.


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