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COATC Men's Program Description

Central Oklahoma Adult & Teen Challenge provides an affordable one-year residential training program for men ages 18 and over with life-controlling problems, primarily in the areas of: drug and alcohol abuse, anger, depression, anxiety and abuse.  While in the Adult & Teen Challenge program, each man will learn how to turn to God and be honest with himself. He will experience healing and learn to trust others again. We have designed a program to help break the cycles of failure, substance abuse and addiction by focusing on coping skills, social and relational skills and work ethics.

Our program includes:

  •     Individual and Group Studies

  •     Pastoral Counseling

  •     Work Ethics Training

  •     Work Therapy and Domestic Skills Training

  •     Bible Study, Prayer and Chapel Services

  •     Ministry Outreach

  •     Recreation


The rewards of the program can include restored families, healthy relationships and becoming a hard-working, productive and successful member of society. Men can live free from the expectations of the "American culture" and become the man God designed THEM to be. Adult & Teen Challenge divides its ministry into four phases. Central Oklahoma is accredited by the national office to operate one or more of these phases.


Phase I: Induction Phase

It involves three / four months of Bible Study, Pastoral Counseling and character development. Individuals are provided opportunities to develop new habits and attitudes. Students graduate from this phase and go on to Phase II.


Phase II:  Training Phase

Training Center: The individual is now prepared to start the nine-month training phase. The student continues to develop Christian growth by strengthening attitudes and habits in commitment, daily living, honesty, responsibility, and respect. Emphasis is placed on good work habits. Wholesome relationships with family and community are stressed.


Phase III: Re-entry Phase

Re-entry phase occurs in the final few months of the program. This phase often involves one or more of the following: housing search, personal and family counseling, assistance in finding suitable employment and church fellowship.

Adult and Teen Challenge maybe right for you:

  •     If you are looking for an organization which has a proven track record of providing life transforming programs which have been tested over time,

  •     If you are looking for long-term residential care for yourself or for a loved one who is struggling with addiction, alcoholism or life controlling issues,

  •     If you or your loved one need to be separated from the distractions of the world in a disciplined, warm, loving Christian environment....

  • Then Adult & Teen Challenge is for you! The Adult Programs are successful in assisting individuals to find hope, freedom and lasting joy.

Review the information you find on this web site, take some time to pray and ask God for guidance, and then if you believe we can assist you, pick up the phone and give us a call 405-332-5648. We are here to serve those who are in need of life transformation.

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