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Kelley Good – Freedom House Adult & Teen Challenge

My life began in a dark place. I was raised by a father who was miserable and struggled with depression. I found him dead when I was 18. I remember thinking that if God really loved me, then why would he let this happen to me. I spiraled into a variety of drug addictions, but when I was introduced to meth, my life really got bad. I clung to violent and abusive relationships that I knew were no good for me. I allowed this to happen time after time. After one ex-boyfriend beat my son, I found myself in a jail cell, where I was told I would never again see the light of day. Although I wasn't involved in church, I hit my knees in jail, and I prayed to God that if you see something better for me if I am ever going to be a better mom for this child, then get me out of here. But if you don't, then send me to prison. A week later, I was out. Adult & Teen Challenge picked me up from that jail, and from that moment on, my life changed. When I entered the doors of Freedom House, I stopped craving cigarettes and drugs! I learned about God's grace and that I wasn't condemned by my past mistakes. I will never forget the freedom that I found after releasing unforgiveness in my life. I now know that God loves me and will always be there for me. Life is a gift; I look forward to being the mother to my sons that He intended me to be!

We see numerous stories like Kelley's at Adult & Teen Challenge of Oklahoma. Many addicts need a long-term, faith based, Discipleship program like Freedom House. Adult & Teen Challenge strives to be the very best faith based facility available, providing prayer, counseling, a disciplined environment, teaching, recreation and life-skills training. The individual serious about changing their life can find the help they need, at Adult & Teen Challenge, to complete what they have started out to do; to get free of substances and become all that God has intended for them to be. We pray that you will make this choice and seize the opportunity by contacting us to begin your program of recovery today. If you would like to know more, give us a call at 405-600-1920 or visit us at www.okteenchallenge.com

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