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What is the difference between the Induction and Training Phases?

The Induction Phase encompasses the first 4 months. During this Phase, the student is obligated to complete FOUR Teen Challenge Curricular Contracts (which will include individual Bible studies, introspective assignments, scripture memorization, etc.) A student who complies with the directives and finishes these assignments will then be considered for completion into the Training Phase. The Training Phase exercises these Biblical principles learned by demonstration and application, working in his daily life.

Can a student get a GED while in the program?

After’s the student completes the two-week adjustment phase of the program he will be enrolled into the online GED program.  He will meet with the education director for computer times and days that he will work on the GED.



To whom and when will the student be allowed to make phone calls? 

During the adjustment phase (two weeks), The student will be allowed to make a 1 five minute phone call.  After the adjustment phase, the amount of phone calls will be gauged on what level he is in the program. A student will only be allowed to call persons on his authorization list (i.e. immediate family or his pastor). Phone usage is a privilege and will be monitored by Staff.

When will the student be allowed to write his family?

During the first two weeks of the adjustment phase of the program. You will not be permitted to mail letters are receive them. You may write your family and then mail them after the two-week period.  All mail will be given to the students after the two-week period.



When can I visit?

After the first 2 weeks adjustment phase the induction student will qualify for 4 on campus visits a month. B level will qualify for 2 on campus and 2 off campus’s a month. A level will qualify for an off campus every weekend on a Saturday  All visits and passes are subject to Staff approval.




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